Pet Sitting Diary

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‘Throw me the ball…come on’ Tula in Scotland.

We had done several pet-sits in New Zealand, but it hadn’t crossed our mind to use this as a travel intervention until we were heading home with our funds getting tighter after visiting all the countries we had booked to visit. There were others that we would love to see, and the desire to return to work was low.

All sorts of animals in the snow.

We did want to return to Bangkok and explore the city some more as our two day stop-over earlier had just tempted our palate. Then, while trawling through the web one day, I spotted a Pet Sit in Thailand, and our life changed instantly! Suddenly our accommodation costs dropped dramatically, and we could stay in these exotic countries for longer. We could live amongst the people, away from the tourist areas and get to know the real country. And as a bonus, we got foster pets to love and care for!

Our first fur babies were 3 cats that lived in an apartment in Bangkok city- seven floors up. Surprisingly enough, they were not allowed out on the balcony! Ginger, Astaire (we called him Fred for obvious reasons) and baby Summer (she became our Squit) made their way into out hearts and we remember them with great affection.

With memories of Kaili, a wonderful lady.

Being free to spend more on travel now, we found a dream sit for 3 months in Turkey for two wonderful people. Sam was an independent cat who sometimes moved in with the neighbour and other times followed us on our walks up into the hills as if we could not be trusted on our own. Our sit was in Selemiye, a village on the coast of the Mediterranean, near Marmaris. We had a glorious house, and markets nearby to shop at, as well as small supermarkets in Selimiye itself. Neighbours that adopted us and introduced us to Turkish food made our stay all the better and we also had the adventure of picking the olive crop and seeing it pressed into oil at the local press. The ancient stone terraces from the Roman era fascinated me, as I imagined the countryside in bygone days.

Then we were flew back to Ireland, with a sit in the scenic Cahersiveen on the Ring of Kerry. Made very welcome, we really had a great stay with three little dogs very keen to show us their beauty spots. The matching pair, Harpie and Yoko, and their brown pal, Heidi were eager companions on our walks, while at home Minnie, the cat, waited for cuddles. We found some glorious scenery here and more of the historical sites that I love.

Beautiful walks around Reading made it a lovely place to visit.

Christmas found us in Reading, caring for a very aristocratic cat with the name of Seven of Nine. After about four weeks of our company Seven almost trusted us enough to join us in our bed at night. Until then she had slept in solitary splendour in her Mum & Dad’s bed. Reading was another place with lots of walks, as we explored the city and the canals, and the Thames River. The old Cathedral was closed for protective reservations, but we managed to find lots of beautiful scenery to capture with our new camera. Cameras had been a problem to date but now we had found a great camera to capture moments and our photos were soon being put online to sell. 

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