Adventures- Drama

Adventures- Dramas!

Nice friendly Bungarra

We are having a drama this week. Something that has never happened to us before.

George ~2

We have lived in the Outback and in isolated places on other occasions and in close proximity to Goanna- Bungarra-Moniter Lizards. No problems- in fact we enjoy them. It has been said that they help keep snakes away from the house, so that makes then my friend. Graham had a nice quiet one when we lived near Winton a number of years ago. It would sit, on its back legs, for hours, keeping Graham company out in the workshop. He would talk to it and although it never answered, it certainly appeared to be his friendly companion. His name was George, and his larger Goanna friend, we called Mildred. They may not have been sexed the way we named them, but the names stuck. Mildred was huge, but she was more timid, so we didn’t see a lot of her.

So, now to the present day, here at Quanbun. When we arrived the first Bungarra we saw was a friendly little chap, so he was promptly named George. He would sit to get his photo taken and he even wandered up to several feet away from us to pose. No problems.

George ~2 comes in close for a ‘chat’. (Less than 2 feet away from me)

Then there was another one. More timid, but quiet enough. Then, suddenly a third one appeared. And he was not quiet, he rushed Graham the first time he saw it and we just assumed it was bluffing. But it is getting worse. The thing seems to watch us and when we go outside without a stick. It is charging. It even came in to attack when the men were working on the lawnmower, but was quickly sent on his way with a wave of a stick. Another time it chased us both into the house and then waited under the stairs for us to come out again.  We were starting to get annoyed at being unable to walk around peacefully, and also getting a touch concerned at the aggression. It wasn’t in any particular area of the garden, like it was defending its home or babies. We did not advance on it, we would choose to walk around it at a good distance.

As you can see George~2 is quiet.

It usually keeps away from the stick though, but today it made a tactical error. He rushed at Graham when he was carrying a garden rake, so he actually got a taste of unexpected medicine. Now, it will be interesting to see whether he shows us a bit of respect in the future or whether it is still going to be a problem.

A Bungarra keeping to himself!

Update: I am pleased to say that the plastic garden rake works well. They are all showing us a wee bit more respect now!

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