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We have been in one spot for over seven months and are starting to grow roots, so it is definitely time to move on and see some more of the world. Naturally, with kids and grandkids in Moscow, that is where we are headed! However, we don’t believe in going directly to any destination if we can stop somewhere, so this time we have chosen Qatar to be our stopover- the choice made easy by the Qatar Airlines Stopover package.

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We didn’t choose the best time of the tear to arrive in Qatar, but we are trying to get to Moscow before it gets too cold there- we are going to have enough adjusting from the 35 degree winter here in Western Australia as it is. I know next to nothing about Qatar, so if you also are wanting to learn more about this country- watch this space.

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We are still not going directly to Moscow from Doha (the capital of Qatar) as we need to get Russian visas to get into the Russian Federation. We have discovered that the easiest place to get these quickly is in Vilnius, which is in Lithuania. As we stopped there on our last visit, we are familiar with this city, but plan to explore more while our paperwork is finalised.

We have been to Moscow previously, but this time we have a decent camera so we will have a mission to get a better collection of mementos! We are looking forward to spending time with our sons and their families, and we have a mission to start earning a bigger online income to allow us to travel further and for longer.

Later on our trip we have volunteered to teach English in Poland. Now Poland is another country we have never visited, so will be looking at finding out more about the areas around Warsaw and Wroclaw- the two cities we are to stay in. Also, Auschwitz is definitely on the ‘must see’ list, so we can remember all those who suffered and died in the War, and view for ourselves the horrors of their last days.

After this we are totally in the air about what we are doing. Depends upon whether we have heaps of funds left or whether we have to rush home to get another job! However, I plan to keep a regular supply of photos and tales about what we are up to- so please call back often!

The river might be frozen this time!

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