Australia to Qatar

            Seven months had flown by, and we were back in our poor car, damaged by a kangaroo on our drive into the Outback, and heading back to civilization. The map suggested a sixteen-hour drive, but I think it took us longer. At least it was cooler than our previous trip to the ‘Top End’, when we had sweltered in the summer heat.

An Eagle on a dead Kangaroo on the read to Darwin.

            We had a couple of days in Darwin to spend getting cuddles from our little grand-daughter, a charming 8 month old who is just a bundle of smiles that melted our hearts with her charm. We were invited to her first swimming lesson, to watch while she and her Daddy played and learnt about the water.

Smiles and new teeth!

            Next, we flew to Perth, to stock up on our winter clothes. We had a touch of luck with sales, and filled our bags thinking of the Russian winter to come. We knew we were stopping in Doha for a couple of days, so kept a bit of summer stuff and it was just as well. Doha wasn’t the only extremely warm place we have been in- Moscow is still very warm as well!

Sunset in Doha.

            After living in the heat of the northern Outback of Australia for seven months we were sure we could easily cope with a few days in the hot of Qatar. We were wrong- the humidity was incredible. I now understand why so many middle Eastern Cambly students spend most of the night awake. It is the only time of day that is acceptable to go out. However, we took a taxi out in the city for several excursions….not our usual way, but when in Rome, as they say.

In a shopping mall is another world!

            Doha is a city on the move. There is so much construction going on, and you can see the drive to be competition to the tourist attractive Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The glassy glossy architectural giants of the city centre are teaching tall, and all around them is new growth. The thought process is to make the city another ‘must visit’ destination, and the shopping Malls are worth a visit on their own. (Remember, we haven’t seen anything other than sand and carrel for a while!).

            I will just finish this post with a couple of our best photos of this amazing city- pictures do say more than words.

And just to make you hungry……

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