First, let me introduce RaGS.

I am Robyn and my husband of more than fourty years is Graham. We have joined our initials to become RaGS and we hope it will lead us to Riches! Perhaps not in the way many people think of wealth; but we are seeking riches in experiences, memories and lifestyle. I hope that by reading our story, other people will be inspired to follow the trail we have started upon. Others, will, I hope, enjoy the adventures second-hand from the comfort of their armchairs and be happy to stay in their own homes.

We spent much of our married life farming in the north of New Zealand, but we were always interested in travel. Unfortunately, farming and travel do not mix very well. However, we eventually sold our farm and started looking at a new way of life. A number of adventures later, we have reinvented ourselves, are living on the road, and planning on many more rambles and adventures in the years to come.

Being Kiwis, the first place to investigate, due to proximity, was obviously Australia. Over the years we had seen most of the cities, and some of the more popular tourist spots, but now we wanted to see the real country. Older than many back-packers, we are still on a very strict budget like many younger people that are travelling, so we need to find ways to pay for our journey. The first years we worked in conventional jobs; usually relief roles and short-term positions so that we could keep moving. We saved and bought a small bus so that we could make our bed where ever we chose, and the years after that were spent seeing many places that most Australians haven’t been.

Eventually we looked further afield and, as two of our children were living and working in Moscow, we felt it was time to expand our horizons. This website has grown from our adventures as we stepped out from our last job in Australia’s Centre to take to the skies and test our wings in the rest of the World. We would be delighted if you would join us and share the good times.

We would also love to hear from you, so please feel welcome to offer comments and feed back; or ask questions as you come. I would love you to leave your e-mail address so I can let you know when I have managed to write another piece about some of our adventure.                                                                                                                                ‘Rambling with RaGS’.